A Website About My Projects and Hobbies

Current Hobbies


I first became interested in cars in high school, when I started off-roading. Since then, I have also become interested in racing.


I have been playing guitar since I was in 3rd grade; I'm mostly interested in playing rock music, but love noodling around as well.


I've been interested in computers since I was in elementary school. Currently, I run a homelab where I practice hacking and writing software.


I enjoy drinking beer and trying new beers from around the world. I was shown the app "untapped" in summer 2018, and have been tracking my beers ever since.

Featured Projects

bsOS is a project I started in december 2018 to build an operating system. It implements the advice, tutorials, and algorithms available at the OSDev Wiki

SysAdmin is a project I've had for a while; I use it to store helpful scripts and tools for administering my homelab, as well as performing some other jobs. Its written mostly in ansible, but also has some python for scripts such as a flask cookie decryptor, and a text heading file generator.

Vulnerable Apps is a collection of applications I've written with the intention of having numerous security flaws. These are designed to teach others about common web and system programming errors, such as SQL Injection, and Cross-Site Scripting.

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